Our services

Development Feasibility: The first step: is your idea possible?

  • We will research your idea to ensure compliance with your local Council Development Plan.
  • We will investigate any previous planning history on your site.
  • We can provide consultancy on your ideas and suggest ways to improve your development.

Dimensional Surveys: dimensional surveys of buildings and land to develop your ideas.

  • This can include ‘site levels’, if required – important if your land slopes or relates to vehicular accesses.

Structural Surveys: understanding underlying structural conditions and identifying any problems with your buildings.

  • Often required for planning permission submissions.
  • We can provide these in report format, but please note that we are unable to provide surveys for mortgage application purposes.

Planning Applications: ensuring your requirements comply with local Council Planning Policies

  • We can provide full architectural plans to enable submission to your local council.
  • We can also manage the planning application process.
  • To consult with a Senior Planning Officer prior to submission of your proposals.

Building Regulations: ensuring your proposals comply with national and local building requirements

  • The majority of building schemes must comply with Building Regulation standards.
  • We provide all the details necessary to submit an application to your local council.
  • In addition, at this stage, we add the dimensions, sections and construction notes to the plans to allow your builder to construct your development.

Submission Management: removing hassle from your applications

  • We can complete and submit all the required documentations. 
  •  We can also manage the submission to ensure that you are hassle free during the consideration of your plans – our planning submission approval rate is currently over 98%.

Structural Calculations: ensuring sound and compliant structural specification for your development

  • We can produce accurate calculations for steel beams, timber beams, roof structures, retaining walls, foundations and pier/buttress design.
  • We can carry out calculations for our own design projects or for projects designed by others.

Bill of Quantities / Specification of Works: producing a step-by-step task list for your builder

  • We can provide a comprehensive, thorough step-by-step list of items that a builder must do to ensure smooth-running of your project from day one to completion.
  • An accurate professional Bill of Quantities ensures that your builders tender for the same work, quantities and specifications, meeting your specific needs.

Tender Management: managing your tenders, minimising hassle

  • We can co-ordinate the tendering for your project by building contractors, sending out details, answering queries to obtain a price for your project. You only have to open the tender envelopes and select your preferred terms; we will ensure your specifications are met.

On-site Management: on-the-ground project management of your development

  • We can help co-ordinate materials used, building standards, change management, contractor payments.
  • We can check progress and deviations throughout the project lifecycle, using a nationally recognized JCT development contract to control the project.

For more details of our services, please phone or e-mail us.

Specialist Services

Grants: investigating financial support for your development

  • We can research possible avenues of financial support for your project from local councils, national government, development agencies and tourist boards.

Large-scale developments: commercial, Industrial, healthcare projects

  • Proven track record of success in design, approval and execution of small, medium and large scale developments in these sectors.

Listed Building and Conservation Area projects:

  • Proven track record on Listed Buildings, Grade I, II and II* graded buildings
  • Extensive knowledge of projects in Conservation Areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Special Landscape Areas.
  • Discussion and negotiation with councils’ Conservation Officers to gain acceptance, as near as possible, to your requirements.
  • Large scale detail drawings of joinery, doors and windows to Listed Building requirements.

We can also help to organise:

  • Assessment of your project under ‘Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (CDM Regs)
  • Bat and barn owl surveys
  • Flood Consequence Assessments
  • A geologist to assess the ground conditions
  • BREEAM Code 3 sustainable energy assessments and reports
  • Full topographical site surveys
  • Archaeological surveys and watching briefs
  • Sound and air testing
  • Energy Performance Certificates

For more details of our specialist services, please phone or e-mail us.

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